Welcome to Delight Win Technologies, your number one source for world-class technical analysis & charting packages for the Indian Stock Exchanges right inside MetaQuotes’ MT5. We dedicate this product to more than 15 Lakhs+ Technical Stocks, Options, Commodities & Future Traders in India who trade in NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX.

Founded in 2018, Delight Win Technologies has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Bengaluru, India. We’ve realized Indian Traders don’t have enough sophisticated tools an international trader has.

With limitations from exchange monitoring authorities and availability of real-time data, its a cumbersome and usually an expensive task to do technical analysis on the fly. That’s when the thought of combining real-time data with a powerful platform like MetaTrader 5 comes in our mind.

We’ve been selling our data to multiple technology companies, rating agencies, and banking companies. Right now, we want to democratize the data to the general public.

We believe that analysis should be done free-hand without limitations on the number of charts being used, or indicators you can draw, or the number of screens you can project to. Our pricing plan has been made in such a way that feature sets are the same. When you pay for longer duration upfront, we differentiate our plans.

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